February 16th, 2009

DWI Extreme T-3 - Song Introduction #01

DWI Extreme T-3 - Song Introduction #01

(NOTE: The following song and other songs from DWI Extreme T-3 will not be available until March 8, 2009.)

DWI Extreme T-3 Remix

Sensual Seduction (WIDEBOYS RADIO MIX) / Snoop Dogg
BPM: 126
3 / 5 / 9
(Featuring Music Video)

Not all electro tunes are qualified to be featured in the series. In this single, WIDEBOYS keep the soulfulness from the original single with the new House beats. If players have listened to this song before, they could imagine the stepcharts when it comes to the rap part of the song.

Exclusive Video from DWI Extreme Series