June 24th, 2009

DWI Extreme Series - 5-year Anniversary

DWI Extreme Series - 5-year Anniversary

On June 24, 2009, DWI Extreme Series approaches its 5-year anniversary with 880 simfiles in 44 series total.

First, we would like all the players and fans out there who have played and enjoyed DWI Extreme. Throughout these five years, DWI Extreme has been gradually improving itself from social perspective for the stepcharts and from personal perspective for its music genres. As always, many thanks to the closed DDR fan websites Rebirth Bemani and Bemani Fever for once hosting DWI Extreme and making possible for DWI Extreme to be promoted independently. Of course not only websites, simulation forums around the globe have also contributed to this success to attract players.

With the current reputation of DWI Extreme, the people on the back stage of this accomplishment cannot be missed mentioning. Thanks to the first and retired foreign simfile authors Mike (BlueMystic), Hayden (Tear), and Or (Deeper Boy), guest simfile author James (Santiago22), and Willie (250BPM) and Nick (Nickd00d) for music sources and testing location. Although most of these people are retired from the contribution and the community, they will always be remembered and be credited as they have once contributed their efforts to the series.

Here I, the founder of the DWI Extreme, would like to personally thank James (Santiago22) and Nick (Nickd00d) for continuing DWI Extreme with me to an unbelievable extension that had never been planned in the past. We have never imagined that DWI Extreme would become the longest and most active simfile series in the community, which makes DWI Extreme very exclusive from other simfile series. In additional to that, mutually decided by the current staff members, DWI Extreme will be continuing its legend for another chapter (the 5th chapter) up to the year of 2012.

To celebrate its 5-year anniversary, DWI Extreme today has re-released the very first Glistening To Infinity along with new double stepcharts specially contributed by Geoff Klassen (GeoffNET). This makes Glistening To Infinity being the first series with double stepcharts in the entire DWI Extreme history, recapturing its soulfulness from the old-school days. Visitors may download the re-released Glistening To Infinity packs at the following URL:

Glistening To Infinity - Full Pack - 66.4MB
Glistening To Infinity - Mini Pack - 39.3MB
Glistening To Infinity - ITG2 R21 Pack - 28.4MB

We hope to continue DWI Extreme in the future with more great songs from various genres and stepcharts bringing to everybody. Thank you again for supporting DWI Extreme Series.