August 29th, 2009

DWI Extreme T-6 - Song Introduction #13

DWI Extreme T-6 - Song Introduction #13

(NOTE: The following song and other songs from DWI Extreme T-6 will not be available until September 6, 2009.)

DWI Extreme T-6 Remix

Bottle Pop (Moto Blanco Radio Edit) / PUSSYCAT Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg
BPM: 128
3 / 5 / 8
(Featuring Music Video)

Moto Blanco and PUSSYCAT Dolls have once again collaborated together to alter the original single to a very soulful dance single. To follow the original official single credit, Snoop Dogg was featured as the artist even though his vocal was removed from the simfile edition.