November 13th, 2009

DWI Extreme T-8 - Song Introduction #05

DWI Extreme T-8 - Song Introduction #05

(NOTE: The following song and other songs from DWI Extreme T-8 will not be available until November 29, 2009.)

DWI Extreme T-8 Remix

Touched (Sy & Unknown Remix) / Deejaybee, D-Ice & Reality feat. Lexzii
BPM: 175
3 / 6 / 9

The exact same set of artists, Deejaybee, D-Ice, Reality, and Lexzii are all returned with this Happy Hardcore single remixed by Sy & Unknown. Even though the stepchart is not as chaotic as others, the high number of one-eighth streams compensate this loss of chaos.