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DWI Extreme Series - DWI Extreme presents Best Progressive House Mix 2013 Vol. #5 (Sept. 29, 2013)

DWI Extreme Series LJ Community
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DWI Extreme is a simulation file series founded in June 2004. The series contains the main music genres of soul, club remixes, trance, Asian Pop, and others which brings the players to the sides of mainstream and non-mainstream music. Each series, containing approximately twenty songs, is released in a fixed interval of six weeks for normal series or eight weeks for special series. If you have a Live Journal account, you may add DWI Extreme Series LJ Community to your friend list to receive the latest information of the DWI Extreme Series in your "Friend's page". If you have any question concerning about the series, you can contact the founder by e-mail or instant messenger. Please visit www.dwiextreme.com for more information.

Thank you for playing DWI Extreme series.